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Song written by DANakaDAN, Travis Atreo, Tyler Carroll
Performed by DANakaDAN, Dia Frampton
Extra Vocals: Ally Maki
Produced, Mixed, Mastered by Travis Atreo

Executive Producer: Dan Matthews
Director: Christopher Yang
Producer: Benson Quach
Director of Photography: Christopher Yang
Editor: Taylor Chan
Featuring: DANakaDAN, Dia Frampton, Neka Stephens, Taylor Bassett, Aundrea Smith, Ji Moon
Assistant Director: Benson Quach
Production Coordinator: Reed Hedani
Camera Operators: Wesley Chan, Taylor Chan
Assistant Camera: Michelle Hsieh
Gaffer: Benson Quach
Key Grip: Justin Lieu
Lighting Technician: Andrew Yi
Production Sound/Mixer: Taylor Chan
BTS/Still Photographer: Marisa Nagata
Production Assistants: Adrienne Cheng, Jordan Murillo, Felicia Ramirez

Location Thanks: Randy Masada, Mitsuru Sushi and Grill. Jason Lee, Karena Malmgren
Special Thanks: Sophia Chang, Mike Bow, Ducky Chang

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She said that I was gone, and was so right
I was never present when she called me on those nights
I would always regret what would happen in those fights
From feeling so alive to almost nothing that’s no life
But that’s your life and what you’ve come to expect
Relationships are damaged so you try to protect
Emotions that you manage they are starting to wreck
And the ones you hold so close man you can barely connect
But we are on a quest for something greater then we know
It’s often a battle of man vs the fear of the unknown
When the concept of home, is a construct that’s grown
From meaning where you live to sometimes life alone
And for me that line is blurring like each day
Fighting even harder now to hold on to my faith
Barely recognizing when I’m looking at my face
But that’s the life I’ve chosen as I’m searching for my place, and at my pace

They say that we’re runners
But I can’t seem to disagree
Gonna lose my way, gotta make mistakes
Find out who I’m meant to be

This scarcity of time of we play into it so much
It’s scary, for most of us it’s often a soul crush
But varies, and is extreme but follow me closely
Cuz this privledge evokes freedom that most of us don’t see
It makes us run off so fast without a clear direction or purpose
Nervous Imperfections they soon start to surface
Is it all worth it, with every choice we’re unearthing
Often leaves us with feelings of unknowns and burdens
And I’ve heard it in the voices of most peers around me
and they speak resounding voices echoing and pounding
the same message that’s been hounding me every day
That this safety that we seek is what we have to blame
All I ever wanted was everything every moment at once
I wanted everything, and having it wasn’t ever ever enough
I wanted everything, but at each moment evolved
So instead of having anything, I just ran away from it all, its so easy
So when I finally come back, I wanna do it right
But how long that takes and how much I sleep at night
Is way too beyond me, because I will end up wandering
And the fact I may not find what I’m looking for is daunting
It is haunting, but has me wanting it even more
And most nights I don’t even know why or who I do it for,
But some nights it’s aces strange sounds and faces
Towns that escape me in the most far off of places
And I love it, it’s this reason why I’m even writing of it
With every lesson that I’m taught I would be nothing
These great minds have inspired and made me, I was tired of it lately
But Thankfully what I admired is blatantly
Making me accept, there’s not a thing as coming back
Cuz with each path I take a new one attracts
And as lost as I am to you, I owe it to this pursuit
Of truth that once grew from a seed I once knew when I was young


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